The Investing Platform as a Service

Velexa’s investing technology platform empowers financial institutions and disruptive players to capitalise on the demand for modern and ubiquitous investing solutions by new-generation investors.

Investing API

API-delivered investing services. Embedded in your existing banking channels and user journeys. Up and running in a matter of weeks.

  • Simplicity
  • Familiarity
  • Speed-to-market

Investing Platform

Highly configurable front-to-back brokerage and investing platform. Integrated, configured and running in under 3 months.

  • Independence (build your own model & ecosystem)
  • Flexibility

Investing as a Service

Own-brandable best-in-class front-end investing channels, supported by Velexa execution & post-trading-as-a-service. Up and running in about a month.

  • Focus on engagement & growth
  • Maximum convenience

Market Leading Wealth Application

A unified personal finance experience

Make it easy for your customers to manage their entire personal financial lives with you.

Lower operating costs

Keep your operating costs low thanks to the flexibility and scalability of our SaaS, API, and BPaaS solutions.

Customer-centric innovation

Evolve in step with consumer preferences by easily creating and distributing new investing solutions.

Scalability and resilience

Remove the barriers to growth by using our private cloud-based environment and/or consuming our API services.

Seamless customer experience

Embed and/or distribute investing services and products anywhere in your unified banking experience.

Contextualised and personalised CX

Leverage the integration of investing with your other activities to give customers what they need, when they need it.

Brand trust

Give your customers the freedom to move their money between their bank accounts and external investments at any time.