Investing as a service white-label solution

Build investing offering from scratch with a comprehensive package that equips you with a white-label front-end channels including trading and investing platform, branded mobile apps and a client area for seamless user management. All backed up by Velexa's expert support for back-office execution and post-trading services.

Stock market API
Undisclosed model
Keep your customer data safely with you with our undisclosed customer model
Set different default currencies on account level to keep your exchange fees low
Access 700,000+ OTC and exchange traded financial instruments from a single platform
Manage and provide your customers with multiple accounts for streamlined trading process


The Investing as a service solution provides you with everything you need to quickly launch a trading or investing offering to your customers, while leaving the complex infrastructure management to Velexa

  • Trading and investing platform with your brand logo and colors
  • Branded mobile apps for novice or experienced investors
  • Clients area for user, account and settings management
  • Back-office execution and post-trading-as-a-service supported by Velexa
  • Dedicated account manager and white-glove live support?

700 000 Instruments

50+ Financial markets

100% Live prices


  • Basket Trader

    Drag instruments to Basket Trader, specify quantity and trade side, set a multiplier for the overall basket volume and place orders for the whole basket at once.

  • Multi-Account Trading

    Place orders for a chosen financial instrument on multiple accounts and save time on account management.

  • Option Board

    The module features a list of call options to the left and put options to the right. In between, you will find the contract execution prices (option strikes).

  • Bond Screener

    Bond searching tool — use multiple filters and criteria to find the most promising fixed assets on the markets.

  • Customisable layouts

    You and your clients can rearrange and resize widgets to build your optimal workspace. Link widgets to quickly switch from one instrument to another. Add up to 4 chart windows at a single screen.

  • Watchlists and Price alerts

    Configure watchlists and price alerts to get a quick overview of investment instruments that you want to follow closely, so you never miss price movements and changes.


We are proud to offer extensive coverage across a multitude of vibrant stock exchanges around the world. Our service encompasses the leading financial markets in Europe, the United States, Asia, and beyond.


Nasdaq Stock Market

Hong Kong Exchange

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing

London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange


Warsaw Stock Exchange


Vienna Stock Exchange


Stockholm Stock Exchange




New York Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange


Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Prague Stock Exchange - Czech Republic

Prague Stock Exchange


Athens Stock Exchange


Borsa Italiana


BATS Global Markets

Toronto Stock Exchange

Toronto Stock Exchange


Xetra Stock Exchange


Copenhagen Stock Exchange


Helsinki Stock Exchange


Madrid Stock Exchange


OTC Markets Group

Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange


Swiss Exchange


Oslo Stock Exchange


Nordic OMX

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange

Velexa Wealth

User-Friendly Interface
Designed with simplicity in mind, making it accessible for retail investors.
Seamless Money Management
Add funds, transfer between accounts, or exchange currencies within the app for efficient capital management.
Portfolio Managemet
Easily track your portfolio performance and value, with detailed insights into each position.
Custom Watchlists
Enables users to create and manage personal watchlists, including expert suggestions and trending assets.


Velexa PRO

Advanced Order Types
Supports market, limit, stop, and stop-limit orders, catering to complex trading strategies.
Comprehensive Chart Analysis
Offers detailed customization, various indicators, and market depth viewing for in-depth market analysis.
Customizable Dashboard
Allows users to tailor the trading interface to their preferences, including theme, language, and display settings.
Real-time Data and Analytics
Provides live updates on market movements and asset information for informed trading decisions.


Client Area

Can be integrated with third-party systems under a single login

Client account summary

User management

Performance reports

Net Asset Value

Access rights

Fees and commissions


Help and manuals

Legal information

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate our API with your existing platforms, enhancing your system’s capabilities without disrupting your workflow.

Secure and Reliable

Adherence to the highest security standards, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of your data.

Extensive Historical Data

Access to historical transactions and orders, helping you to understand past performance and anticipate future market movements.

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