July 3, 2023

Velexa Selected as Innovation Leader for Pioneering Efforts in Democratising Investing

Velexa, has been recognised by CBS as an Innovation & Disruption Leader for its efforts to democratise investing and setting a new standard for institutions to serve next-generation investors.

London, July 03, 2023

Velexa, a trailblazing WealthTech company, has received prestigious recognition from CBS as an Innovation & Disruption Leader for its efforts to democratise investing and establish a new industry standard for institutions catering to the next generation investors. This accolade highlights Velexa’s unwavering commitment to revolutionising the wealth management landscape and harnessing embedded trust to provide greater access to global markets.

In today’s increasingly intricate financial world, a staggering 65% of banking consumers are excluded from participating in the investment market, despite their growing interest. These individuals not only lack investment culture, education, and experience but also face a lack of simple investment opportunities from their personal finance service providers, such as retail banks. Velexa aims to change this by offering a pioneering B2B2X technology platform that incumbent banks and other market players can utilise to simplify the investment process.

“We are honoured and thrilled to be selected as the Innovation & Disruption Leader by CBS,” said Tamara, Kostova CEO of Velexa. “This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to democratise investing and cultivate a culture of trust within the financial industry. We firmly believe that everyone should have equal access to financial opportunities, and our platform empowers individuals to take control of their financial futures.”

Next generation of banking consumers expect a modern and unified digital personal finance experience which includes investing. Yet, many retail and private banks are unable to offer such seamless services because their legacy infrastructure cannot adapt. By offering a diverse range of investment options, personalised recommendations, and educational resources, the platform has transformed the way people perceive investing. Through their innovative solutions, Velexa has empowered financial institutions to empower individuals to build wealth, achieve financial independence, and secure a brighter future.

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About Velexa

Velexa offers a B2B2X investing technology platform that empowers any institution to capitalise on the demand for modern and ubiquitous investing solutions by new-generation investors. With the goal to make investing available to everyone, Velexa delivers embedded and standalone investing capabilities for institutions varying from incumbent players retail and private banks, Neo-banks, brokerages, and disruptive players like TelCos. Our Investing platform is delivered as SaaS, which can be fully integrated into existing client systems via APIs. The complete front-to-back offering consists of several building blocks, including investing software solutions, various front-ends, connectivity to venues and data sources, post-trade-as-a-service, and white-glove client support.

For more information contact Liene Laksa, CMO of Velexa liene.laksa@velexa.com