Investing Platform

Integrate and run a “ready-to-deploy”, highly configurable, front-to-back brokerage and investing platform. Create your own ecosystem of partners and connect to any third-party app.

Maximum convenience
Full front-to-back solution
Focus on customer engagement

The right solution if you are looking for the following

Want to offer a comprehensive and highly differentiated investing experience to your banking customers, via existing or new integrated channels

Would like to run a multi-vendor execution and post-trading model which enables you to source investing products from multiple third-party providers

Wish to have maximum control over how your investing offering evolves and integrates with the rest of your bank

Have the capacity to undertake higher levels of customisation and integration work, either on your own or in collaboration with us

Would like a platform that is ready to run in any language you want to operate in

Business Benefits

Our investing solutions can help you grow faster and more profitably by generating:

A unified personal finance experience

Let your customers do all their personal financial management with you without juggling between multiple financial services providers

Responsiveness and availability

Increase trust in your brand by enabling customers to rapidly move their money between their bank accounts and external investments, at any time

Customer-centric innovation

Evolve in step with consumer preferences by selecting, creating, combining, and distributing a broad range of investing services and products with ease

Contextualised and personalised

Leverage the seamless integration of the investing activities with your other financial services to give customers exactly what they need, when they need it​

Scalability and resilience

Remove the barriers to cost-efficient and secure growth by running the platform in our private cloud-based environment and/or by consuming our API services

Lower operating costs

Keep your running costs and innovation costs low thanks to the flexibility and scalability of our technology solutions

Explore other solutions for your business growth

Broaden your current portfolio by embedding selected API-delivered investing services into your existing banking channels and user journeys.

Launch investing capabilities from scratch in a matter of weeks with our white label front-end channels and trading platform, while relying on our tested post trading services.

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