Investing API

APIs for stock u0026amp; ETF trading and investment solutions under undisclosed model

Enable 50+ markets across US, Europe, Middle East and LatAm for your customers with a powerful, yet simple investment API. Seamlessly embed access to new financial instruments and markets into your existing mobile, web or desktop frontends.

Speed to market

Launch your new investing offering in just 2 weeks


Pick u0026 choose just the assets and markets you need


Use your existing platform and preserve customer engagement with familiar user interfaces

Undisclosed accounts

Keep your customer data safely with you with our undisclosed customer model


We are ISO certified to ensure your business operations are safe


Add new assets and markets with ease. Our API is built to accommodate your growth

Connect to 250+ data, market venue and liquidity providers

Access 2 000 000+ financial instruments

Plug and play access to 2 000 000 financial instruments across 50+ financial markets and all major asset classes, including Stocks and ETFs, Bonds and Sukuks, Options, Futures, Private equity, Currencies, Digital Assets and more.

Explore 50+ financial markets

We are proud to offer extensive coverage across a multitude of vibrant stock exchanges around the world. Our service encompasses the leading financial markets in Europe, the United States, Asia, and beyond.

Nasdaq Stock Market

BATS Global Markets

New York Stock Exchange

OTC Markets Group

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Toronto Stock Exchange

Singapore Exchange

London Stock Exchange

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Xetra Stock Exchange

Swiss Exchange

Warsaw Stock Exchange

Prague Stock Exchange

Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Oslo Stock Exchange

Vienna Stock Exchange

Athens Stock Exchange

Helsinki Stock Exchange

Nordic OMX

Stockholm Stock Exchange

Borsa Italiana

Madrid Stock Exchange

Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange


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Democratise investing with fractionalisation API

Make wealth management accessible and achievable to everyone via the fractionalisation feature

Fractional shares

Becoming a shareholder is no longer just for the wealthy. Your customers can now choose from thousands of stocks regardless of their initial capital.

Fractional bonds

While the bond market is usually associated with institutional investors and individuals with considerable capital, our fractional bonds API brings it one step closer to the retail investor. Give your customers easy access to 300+ bonds from multiple markets, including EU, USA, Middle East, APAC and LatAm.



  • Access historical data
  • Get raw tick data or OHLC aggregated candles
  • Detailed information on all your transactions
  • Fast deployment in a matter of days
  • Design sleek, fast and data-rich financial apps — from smart messenger bots to wholesale trading solutions


  • FIX Protocol 4.4
  • Real-time exchange of information
  • Layered on TCP
  • Near-zero latency

API documentation

Our API documentation is a comprehensive guide to harnessing the full potential of the powerful financial data is designed to provide you with all the information you need to effectively integrate and utilize the API.

Is Investing API the right solution for you?

Investing API from elexa is the best investing technology choice if you want to:

Enhance existing services

Easily embed specific brokerage and investing services and data into your well-established digital channels and apps, keeping the customer experience as familiar as possible

Meet growing customer demands

Expand your capabilities to provide a unified personal finance experience for your clients

Expand market access

Quickly launch new asset class or markets in your existing platform

Outsource trade execution

Would like us to take care ofrnexecution, post-trading and back-office operations for you, while you focus on your core business

Keep customer data in-house

Keep your customer data safelyrnwith you by using an undisclosed end-customer model

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Full suite of white-label front-end investing channels, including a trading and investing platform, two branded mobile apps, and a client area for seamless user management. Supported by Velexa back-office execution u0026 post-trading-as-a-service.

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Success stories

Customised investing platform with API based connections to exchange venues, external brokers, and financial service providers, coupled with an automated trade execution. Seamless integration with UnaFinancial’s front-end applications to enable end-users to acquire and trade multiple asset classes like equities, forex, bonds, commodities and derivatives around the globe. Initially positioned for UAE market, the platform aims to make investing more accessible to general public with innovative features like fractional shares.


A group of companies developing easy-to-use digital financial solutions in the Middle East, Asia and Europe

Velexa has formed a strategic partnership with, delivering a tailor-made suite of investing front-end channels encompassing Mobile Apps, Web, and Desktop. Our Investing as a Service solution provided market access to a diverse array of financial instruments, including US stocks, ETFs, Options, Futures, and FX. Recognising the importance of linguistic diversity, Velexa made available the front-end channels in Brazilian Portuguese ensuring a seamless experience for Mirae Asset’s clients. Initially enabling access to the US stock market, our collaboration envisions further expansion to more Global markets and asset classes.

Mirae Asset Wealth Management Brazil

Part of Leading South Korean Group with 564 billion of AUM

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