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Mirae Asset Wealth Management Partners with Velexa to Revolutionise Investment Opportunities in Brazil

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A global team that delivers

Our team

Headquartered in London, UK we also have hubs in Sofia, Bulgaria and Riga, Latvia as well as regional presence 
in Spain, UAE, Chile, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore.






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Team size


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Our values

Distinction through performance

Whether it is an API module or an account manager, how we show up and execute matters. By having excellent individual components, as well as seamless connectors, we are able to deliver at the highest standards. It is not enough to act or speak about excellence; where we set ourselves apart is in the results and how we get there.

Collaborative ambition

Building together is building better. We work with our clients to architect not just technological solutions but true business solutions that grow revenue and reward end users. On the technical side, it means approaching the market with an ecosystem perspective and thinking about how to come together and create agile bonds with incumbent institutions and other fintech’s.

Committed integrity

Because Velexa is positioned for the long term, our strategy and decisions are deliberate and comprehensive. This comes through the way we have architected our technology, and how we conduct ourselves with professionalism and transparency. By approaching business with follow-through and honesty, we increase the number of successful and sustainable opportunities we have. We are not just building business, we’re building trust.

Velexa London office in Canary Wharf

The board

Tamara Kostova


Tendie Moyo

Head of Compliance

Ilona Strode

Board Member

What I love about working at Velexa is the multicultural, friendly and dynamic environment. Every day in Velexa brings new challenges and new opportunities for professional development and growth for me. I am encouraged to try to be innovative and to apply out-of-the-box thinking. I love that mine and everybody else’s opinion matters whatever level they are.

Violeta Ganeva

Risk & Compliance Officer

At Velexa, I find passion and purpose converging seamlessly. The dynamic work environment fosters innovation and collaboration together, empowering me to contribute meaningfully to our cutting-edge solutions. Being part of a team committed to pushing boundaries and embracing growth makes each day at Velexa an inspiring and unforgettable journey.

Ruslan Tuginov

Customer Support Specialist

At Velexa, we don’t just work, we thrive in a culture that we’ve collectively crafted. Our workplace culture is a living, breathing entity that symbolise collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. They say people make the place, and at Velexa, our people are the heartbeat of our success. The support and shared dedication to excellence create an environment where each team member feels valued and empowered.

Stilyana Georgieva

Executive Assistant

My journey here began in search of adventure, and at Velexa it’s been nothing short of exciting.
I have the opportunity to drive innovation in our wealthtech and capital markets solutions. I have the chance to work together with wonderful industry leaders and gain invaluable insights and knowledge. The diversity of the company allows me to take on different roles and challenges, ensuring each day is unique and exciting.

Teodor Stoyanov

Senior Business Analyst

Among the myriad tech companies I’ve encountered, Velexa stands out for its unparalleled ability to pivot, adapt, and maintain the nimbleness necessary for cultivating a conducive work environment. Here, the emphasis lies not on micromanagement but on fostering a culture where innovative ideas and proactive leadership are not only welcomed but encouraged.Joining Velexa’s journey has been an enriching and rewarding experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to its ongoing evolution.

Selin Burt Kut

Strategic Partnership and Growth Specialist